You want metal? We got it. For you. And other people.

Full new line-up and more gigs! - 14 07 2013

We've filled our slots. Yup, that's right, we're back up to full strength and if last night's gig with Swarmed, Devil May Rise, and BoB Gandolf is anything to go by, we're ready to own your faces. This means two things - more gigs, and recording can commence once more! This is going to be a good 6 months I think ;) -fr0g

Member changes - 27 04 2013

So as some locals may have heard, Nick and Scotty both decided to part company with End Soteria. It wasn't exactly amicable at the time, but we've all moved on over the past couple of months and there's no hard feelings. We quickly set out to find a new drummer and had the distinct fortune of enlisting the rather excellent Joe Hancy into our fold. Joe's a wildly enthusiastic musician with plenty of ideas and interest in a range of styles so expect much greatness from ES in the future! We're currently in the process of auditioning bassists, so once we're back up to speed, make sure you catch us at a show near you over on the Gigs page.

We've been grateful for all the support that you fans have showed us throughout these changes, so we hope we do you proud in the very near future :) -fr0g

New Media library - 02nd Feb 2012

As if you couldn't get enough of our lovely faces enough, there's now a right good media section on here now. Fuck we're ugly.

Godless now streaming on Bandcamp - 20th Jan 2012

As promised, Godless is now streaming from our bandcamp page. Go listen! Remember that the final song from EP II will be streaming from noon tomorrow! Woop!

EP II HAS ARRIVED - 19th Jan 2012

Witness the awesome that is our EP in proper physical form! It's finally here! We'll be selling it our gig this Saturday (at the B2, Norwich) for a paltry 5 for 5 tracks.

As an added bonus, we're releasing the last 3 tracks of the EP as streams available from our bandcamp page. First up is Suffer - listen to it here and check back tomorrow for track 4!

EP II is nearly here! - 11th Jan 2012

Yup, you heard right. EP II is finished, and CDs are being pressed as we speak. Our next gig will be our release party (read "drinking session"), so if you can make to the B2 in Norwich, we'd be very appreciative. We'd be even more appreciative if you bought one of the luscious new CDs for only a fiver!


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